Yew Leaf Decoration


This wooden decoration is based on one of my drawings of an Yew sprig, one of the native trees of Britain and Ireland.

­čî┐ This is an individual┬áYew sprig┬ádecoration. ­čî┐

As popular graveyard tree, for its animal deterrent properties, there are over 500 churchyards in the British Isles that have Yew trees older than the church itself. Christian churches were almost always erected on important Pagan and Celtic sites, St Cynog's in Wales is believed to hold the oldest at over 5000 years old.

I laser cut each of my leaf drawings from Birch wood, another UK native, and hang them from large brass hoops (about the size of the circle your finger and thumb make while doing the OK hand symbol­čĹî­čĆ╝).

This sprig is also available as part of a set of leaf decorations, all native to Britain and Ireland.